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Latest from Footprints

Sustainable Living Manager to participate in Schumacher Ireland’s Sustainable Leaders Programme

Eileen Wilson, Sustainable Living Manager within Footprints Women’s Centre, is set to take part in a project which will bring together a group of 20 individuals on a residential course to develop their ability to lead in the transition to a sustainable and resilient society. The course will take the form of a five day residential course based on learning pioneered by Schumacher College and will be run in association with the College and the School of Law at Queens University Belfast.

The course will explore;

- The concepts of equality and wellbeing within Northern Ireland

New Project Keeps Footprints Women’s Centre’s gardeners busy this winter

A new project called ‘Symbols of the Heart’ has taken place at Footprints Womens Centre this Winter, allowing Footprints Garden Group to produce a piece of art for the Kitchen Garden.

The completed project, a totem pole incorporating symbols which have been meaningful to the group during their time at the centre, is set to be unveiled in April 2014.

New Funding secured to expand Footprints Kitchen Garden

A grant of £2,000 was awarded to the Environmental Action Project in Footprints Women’s Centre in January 2014 by the Bombardier Aerospace (NI) Foundation to build on the success of our environmental projects.

We will expand the Kitchen Garden by developing additional groups within the centre for growing food. We plan to:

- Plant more fruit bushes

- Build additional raised beds for growing vegetables

- Transform a steep bank adjacent to the kitchen garden into a wildflower meadow

Footprints Womens Centre awarded the West Belfast Partnership Community Environment Award 2013

The ‘Reducing our Carbon Footprint’ project, one of many initiatives undertaken by Footprints to reduce our carbon footprint has been awarded the overall winner of the West Belfast Partnership Community Environment Award 2013.

This project improved the energy efficiency of the building through £49,800 funding from the Big Lottery Energy Efficient Venues Programme. Our energy efficiency was improved through:

-      An upgrade of the cavity wall insulation

-      Installation of a new entrance door