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Kids Gardening

Our Projects

Footprints Food Growing project ‘The Food Garden’

Waste ground in the Centre has been cultivated by a volunteer garden group and supplies the Centre’s catering service and Social supermarket with fresh fruit and vegetables. Produce is also utilised in cookery programmes.

The Food Garden was awarded the ‘Gardening against the Odds Award’ 2012 for Northern Ireland

Reducing our Carbon Footprint Project

We have installed solar hot water and solar electric panels on the roof of the Centre reducing our carbon emissions by 30 tonnes per year. This project was launched by Environment Minister Mark K Durkham in August 2013 who commented’ launching an energy efficient centre like this showcases what can be achieved when a community works together with dedication and vision to become more sustainable’

The ‘Reducing our Carbon Footprint’ project was awarded the West Belfast Partnership Community Environment Award 2013

The Eco Adventure Club

Children have their own raised bed in the garden and an Eco Adventure Club was formed for families to explore ecosystems and identify flora and fauna in the Colin Neighbourhood. Children take part in ‘Big Bug Hunts’, went on a ‘Fossil trial’ and launched their own ‘Duck Derby’ in Colin Glen Forest. In 2013 the group constructed a mini beast ‘hotel’ in the garden and made bird feeders from recycled materials.

Footprints Women’s Centre was the UK 2014 winner for Community and Sustainability in the Cultivation Streets Campaign

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