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Footprints 5 star-rated Kitchen

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Footprints Daycare promote a healthy eating policy and hot nutritious meals and snack are all  cooked in house in our 5 Star Rated Kitchen and are included in our competitive prices. 

Let’s face it, it can be a real challenge getting children to eat, especially trying to encourage them to eat healthy things, too. That’s where our extensive experience of cooking for under 5s comes in. We’ve learnt how to make good, homecooked food appealing to the little ones whilst keeping it good value and nutritious. We provide a 2 week rotational lunch and tea menu suitable for the under 5s, vegetarians and babies.

Click here to Download sample Menu

We have a dedicated area in our kitchens for the preparation of meals for children with specific allergies. A member from our allergy kitchen team will be assigned to your nursery. What our children eat can play a critical role in determining their health. The eating patterns established in the first few years of life influence our health during childhood and adulthood. Encouraging good nutrition during the early years of life is therefore an investment in our children’s future health.

Our Educational chef Marieanne delivers food tasting activities to the children, providing a multi-sensory experience and encouraging health relationships with food.

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