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Footprints provides award winning Daycare services to children from ages 0- 4 year old. 

It offers 68 places daily from 8am-6pm, 49 weeks of the year for 0-4 year olds.  

It offers four spacious bespoke rooms with woodland views.

All of our staff are qualified at level 3 or above.

We offer outdoor play through the provision of two outdoor play areas.

One is equipped for open physical play and one is a fully equipped sensory garden to expand outdoor play for children of all abilities.

Our Daycare is run by highly qualified and specially trained childcare professionals with a 100% staff ratio within the core staff team.

We provide nutritionally balanced meals, full and part-time sessions and flexible childcare places to suit varying childcare needs.

We have CCTV coverage in both our outdoor play areas and inside our childcare department.

We have a high satisfaction rate from parents and recent social services inspections are of the highest standards.

Sensory Garden
Sensory Garden
Sensory Garden
Sensory Garden