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Footprints Women's Centre

Established in 1991, Footprints Women’s Centre is an anchor organisation, supporting the delivery of positive change in the lives of women and children in the Colin area.  As the largest community employer in the area, our multi service facility is an inclusive and friendly space and a Green flag award winning site.

Footprints Services>

'To enable Women and Children to grow to ensure their voices are heard and that they take their rightful place in a just and equal society.'

Our Vision

We have evolved from a strong self-help ethos and operate within a Community Development context. Our Centre has been acknowledged as a valuable asset within the community and has developed a diverse range of services within the Colin Neighbourhood.  We wish to continue to provide these services to women and children for many many years to come. 

Mission Statement

Volunteering Group

Thank you so much Footprints I had a lovely latte & cupcake today. Plus a beautiful pamper pack for myself & kiddies, you have kept me sane throughout lockdown I can't thank you enough for your sincere dedication to the community .


I can’t find words strong enough to express my gratitude to all staff and management who have helped me to find myself.  Without Footprints I don’t believe I ever would have found my own self-worth. Thank you!

Babies in Playroom

Working in partnership with Footprints Women’s Centre ensures a smooth pathway in building women’s confidence and self-esteem to re-engage in the community.

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